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We have extensive experience in several growing industries.  Consequently, our professionals have become attuned to changing industry trends, tax compliance issues, and valuable business strategies that can impact our clients’ financial position.

We understand the obstacles our clients face at each stage of development, and collaborate with them to ensure they succeed in the environment where they operate. 


  • Technology

The tech industry is known for rapid innovation, and as such technology companies face many challenges keeping up with customer demands. To stay ahead in such a competitive field requires decisive capitalization on market opportunities, and the know-how to navigate an evolving global marketplace. International business consulting is our expertise, and this gives us an advantage to tackling these challenges unique to technology companies. We have helped startup through multinational public companies in semiconductor, hardware, software, and IT elevate their global business.


  • Biotechnology

Biotech companies face many obstacles unique to their industry: they must plan and manage high-cost research and development cycles, government approvals, and lengthy clinical trials, each of which significantly affects company value. We continuously strive to keep abreast of industry trends and government regulations to best serve our clients in this field.




  • Automotive Technology

With the emergence of electric cars in the early 2000s, tech companies finally completed the bridge to automakers, sparking a new wave of competition and technological innovation in both industries.  Many major automakers have since opened research and development outposts along Silicon Valley, and in turn tech companies are undergoing automotive projects including self-driving and electric vehicles, all of which aim to improve the safety, efficiency, and versatility of future automotives. With our experience in varying branches of the tech industry, as well as our proximity to Silicon Valley, we look forward to assisting in the growth and development of this growing industry. Maemura Auto Tech Advisory Service 

  • Real Estate

Both U.S. and foreign real estate investors must comply with changing federal and local regulatory requirements in order to optimize returns on their investments. A real estate investment structure needs to be flexible to react to the changing global economy. Our unique industry experience and understanding of clients’ businesses enables us to offer solutions to help achieve investment goals.




  • Sports and Entertainment

With the help of modern technology, this unique multibillion dollar industry has captured a worldwide audience. We help clients to coordinate all financial and tax aspects of their transactions, including purchase, sale, and financing of sport properties. We also advise clients on issues unique to the industry, such as contract negotiations, player marketing, and internal player transactions.



  • Vineyard /Wine

Any domestic wine maker who chooses to do business locally must still compete against countless imports from other countries in an environment where per capita wine consumption is generally falling as a result of consumer migration to higher quality wines, among other factors. We have successfully completed sophisticated due diligence projects requiring knowledge of complex valuation models, forensic investigative techniques, and legal and technical research. For over twenty-five years we have guided companies into new markets by establishing foreign branch offices and partnering for joint ventures.