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Corporate Services

Our professionals are well-positioned to advise you through all stages of a business transaction.  We start by developing and maintaining close working relationships with our clients in order to deliver effective, personalized solutions.  We advise clients on both a tax planning strategy and a reporting system.  When needed, we also help with various tax issues such as corporate holding and restructuring.  

  • Business Entity Selection

Analysis and determination of an optimal form of business entity (i.e. c-corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership) is a crucial decision that can have longstanding tax liability implications. We assist clients in evaluating the pros and cons of each entity type to determine the most advantageous form of business available to them.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance

Our diverse clients benefit from our services in international, federal, and multi-state taxation. We work closely with U.S. and foreign companies to offer all of these services as an effective tool in reducing the worldwide tax liability as well as in meeting our clients’ needs.

  • Merger and Acquisition

The term “mergers and acquisitions (M&A)” encompasses a wide range of activities, including joint ventures, licensing, spinoffs, restructuring and other corporate interactions such as strategic alliances. Despite the many different types of structures, the fundamental goal of M&A activity is to enable companies to meet new challenges and opportunities in the global market.

A successful M&A can increase revenues and market share and improve profitability. More than ever before, decision-makers in profitable, high growth businesses must keep on top of the latest M&A strategies. We have the knowledge and tools to help our clients prepare for a productive M&A acquisition. We can help structure effective deals from all standpoints - financial, tax and accounting. Maemura M&A service brochure

  • SEC Services

Many high technology companies list their shares on the U.S. Stock Exchange to raise capital and increase their name and product recognition in both the U.S. and international markets. Listing shares on the stock exchange can also boost the market value of the shares, recruit employees by offering stock options, obtain bank financing, and make future acquisitions with stock.

We work closely with clients to evaluate whether a public offering is attainable and desirable, as well as offering alternative options such as bank loans or private placement of debt or equity. During this process, we advise clients on the appropriate filing of forms, and determine proper disclosures.

  • Investor Relation (IR) Services

Shareholders and investors place great emphasis on annual reports and other financial information provided by corporations to assess future investment opportunities. Partnered with an IR consulting firm, we provide support to enhance corporate value and solidify relations with shareholders and investors. We analyze financial reports needed for a corporate profile and assist clients in developing sound business plans and strategies. Utilizing our global network, we can provide full support for overseas business operations.