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Consulting Services

Our firm offers a variety of consulting services to optimize clients’ success. By integrating clients’ needs and concerns, we provide management options to help them make the right decisions. We assist clients in maximizing emerging business opportunities to compete more effectively in their market.

  • Sales and Local Tax Planning

Multistate businesses must consistently reassess their activities in order to minimize state, use and sales, and property tax burdens.  We assist clients with complex multi-state business activities and advise them on restructuring business attributes to minimize or eliminate nexus in some states. We also offer settlement services regarding tax controversies. hello

  • E-commerce / Internet Domain and Server Location Issues

E-commerce offers companies fast and inexpensive ways to advertise their product and take sales orders at any hour. E-commerce also helps companies reduce their overhead by centralizing inventory, facilities, and personnel, and provide up-to-date sales and product information. We assist clients with respect to the tax implications associated with electronic commerce both in business-to-business and business-to-consumer contexts.

  • Business Valuations

We deliver reliable, understandable, and creditable appraisals to our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner by adhering to high ethical standards, maintaining independence, and preserving integrity.  Tax authorities continue to focus on business valuations of closely held companies, partnerships, employee stock ownership plans, incentive stock options, goodwill, and other tangible and intangible properties. We perform these engagements on a confidential basis for stakeholders and their professional advisors.

  • Financial Forecasts and Budgeting Analysis

A business must achieve its objectives, valuation targets, and earning benchmarks to effectively lead to profitability. We help forecast and evaluate our clients’ business financial condition, estimate financing requirements, and track cash flows. We also perform in-depth analysis of our clients’ industry and market conditions, competition, geographic location, and other internal and external factors that can affect expected results.

  • Investment in Real Estate

Managing U.S. real estate investment is a challenging task.  As accounting rules and tax laws in both the U.S. and foreign countries change, the return on investment becomes difficult to calculate.

Our experience enables us to assist our clients in developing tax strategies for investment, purchase, sale, rental, and development. We also assist them in creating limited liability companies, limited partnerships, real estate joint ventures, and other forms of real estate tax-saving strategies.

For foreign investors, we assist in selecting an investment structure that is synonymous with their goals and objectives, which includes providing consultation as to which structure will allow them the greatest freedom with cash movement and the offsetting of income/losses between investments.

  • Investment from Venture Capital

In order to obtain investments from venture capital firms, a business must disclose their business plan as well as various financial reports. Strategic negotiation techniques in preparation for meetings with venture capital firms are also crucial.

We assist our clients in preparing effective financial reports and business plans, including extensive market and industry analysis, to identify clients’ marketability and growth potential. We also provide consultation on creating a strong business model, which venture capital firms utilize to assess the feasibility of investment. Maemura Startup Advisory Servce

  • Emerging Markets in Developing Countries

In many developing countries, emerging markets hold great opportunities for business growth and investors. Several companies are already expanding their revenue base by tapping into new customers, investor markets, and human capital. However, in order to succeed in this market a company must be prepared to handle complex legal, regulatory, and business cultural differences. We are experienced in analyzing the business potential of a new market, and guide our clients successfully into this unfamiliar emerging market. We offer a wide range of services from setting up a branch to acquiring a company in developing countries.