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Business Restructuring Services

Based on our analyses of a client’s industry and their business operations, we provide assessments of both management capability and company assets. This allows us to identify areas of underperformance and ineffective business strategies, and design and implement action plans to improve profitability through both operational and financial restructuring. If necessary, we will find the most effective way to handle company closure.

  • Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning requires clear objectives, policies and plans to achieve these objectives, and resources for implementation. We analyze our clients’ business environment to ensure that the company’s strategy is appropriate for its resources and objectives.  In doing so, we place our clients in the best possible position to carry out their mission effectively.

  • Leveraged and Management Buyouts

In a leveraged buyout (LBO), the buyout group finances the transaction with funds borrowed against the assets of projected cash flows of the entity being acquired. If carefully planned and executed, management buyout (MBO) can work as an exit mechanism for founders and investors. We assist the management group and the investor to negotiate the terms and select the deal most favorable to both. In doing so, we offer an incentive structure for management to business owners.

  • Debt Restructuring

We understand how important it is for clients in the process of debt restructuring to manage and evaluate their options and meet their financial goals. We assist our clients in every step of this delicate process, either by securing financing for business needs or consolidating current outstanding debt to a more reasonable level. We also help establish reasonable debt repayments to creditors.

  • Bankruptcy / Liquidation

Thorough analysis and evaluation of business operations is crucial for identifying the cause of any financial and non-financial difficulties, as well as for renegotiating a company’s debt. In such cases we will review management’s restructuring plans in order to improve profitability.  We can also assist in resolving tax claims and assessments in a complex case of bankruptcy and liquidation.